Yoni Eggs

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina. Yoni eggs are semi-precious stones cut into the shape of an egg. Spiritually, the egg represents birth, rebirth, manifestation, Earth, new beginnings, and the cycle of life. When you bring the sacredness of the yoni and womb together with crystal healing and egg symbolism, you get a powerful force that activates the Sacred Feminine (goddess energy) within you. The yoni and womb are extremely sacred and powerful spaces within the female anatomy. Everything that comes into being on the planet comes through some form of a feminine vessel. This means WOMEN are the gatekeepers of this realm. (WOW! That’s powerful on so many levels. I hope you caught it.) The eggs are used internally to support spiritual expansion, sexual health, bliss, flow, youth, sexual prowess, enlightenment, love, and much more.

The use of Yoni eggs dates back thousands of years in China. According to Ancient Chinese medicine, the nerves, tissues, and muscles in the sacral chakra harnesses the life force. Royal queens and female members of the royal court used Jade eggs to exercise the pelvic floor, harness their sexual power, and assess their feminine magic.

Now that the ancient Chinese secret is out, the use of crystal eggs in the yoni has expanded past the traditional Nephrite Jade egg. Today, women around the globe participate in this practice with various crystals. Each crystal has its own natural healing properties. So, women have the ability to control the type of womb work being performed depending on the type and size of the stone chosen. It’s believed that when a woman nourishes her yoni in a spiritual practice she unleashes a new level of confidence, awareness, purpose, clarity, and feminine power.


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