Feminine Alchemy


Feminine Alchemy is advanced womb healing. In this 90 day program, you will delve deeper into your feminine energy and self care. Sexual energy is truly life force or chi. It is the essence of creation and thereby awakens limitless possibilities. Are you using this energy to manifest your dreams or perpetuate an unfulfilled existence? If it’s the latter, than this intensive is for you.

In addition to the womb, women have several organs comprising your sexual circuit. Each of these organs has it’s own consciousness that includes physical, emotional, and spiritual functions. By examining, cleansing, and restoring the sexual circuit we open gateways to improved health, sexual vitality, enlightenment, self awareness, sensuality, and manifestation.

Your sexual organs influence menstruation, the immune system, heart health, fertility, digestion, orgasm, energy/fatigue and mental health. Completing this work will assist you in transforming  insecurity, fear, anxiety, confusion, sadness, ungratefulness, guilt, shame, stress and more. Additionally, this work can improve your self image, provide mental clarity, healthier relationships, enhance sex, assist with spiritual expansion, and much more.

The process is simple. Each week you receive an audio call, during which, we explore a specific theme. Through coaching, meditation, attunements, and practical application exercises you will uncover and transform the energy residing in you.

  • Enrollment includes:
    • Access to course webpage (material, recorded calls, & journal prompts)
    • Weekly 1 hour private session with Tonya
    • Access to the Womb Wellness Intensive vault
    • Access to the Secret Facebook group – T2T Feminine Alchemy
    • Access to the Private Facebook group – Goddess Temple
    • Unlimited group coaching during the program
    • Unlimited email access to Tonya
Feminine Alchemy Intensive  #60 (Full Payment)
Feminine Alchemy Intensive #60 (Full Payment)
Participation in this 90 day (12 weeks) program gives you access to: ~ 11 Prerecorded Calls ~ 12 One hour private session with Tonya ~ Access to the Womb Wellness Intensive vault ~ Weekly themes including assignments and journal prompts ~ Unlimited group coaching ~ Weekly group call that includes summary of week's theme, guided meditation, and attunements ~ Unlimited email access to Tonya ~ Membership to the secret "T2T Feminine Alchemy Intensive" Facebook group ~ Membership to the private "Goddess Temple" Facebook group


Installment Plan available here.