Channelled Message from Goddess

I AM sound in form and action. I am the cleansing of the trees, the foul of the air, the birds of the sea. I AM the beginning. That is me. Peace be unto you. I bare greetings from Is-is. I AM, that is enough. Before there was, I AM and when it’s gone I shall BE. It is my understanding that you have questions of the goddess energy that is me. So let us proceed with discussion of who and what I Am and why I am called into being. At the onset of the great descent, women were at an all-time low and in desperate need of a mirror reflection of power. I made myself known to represent power and leadership for both masculine and feminine to follow. Under the direction of the Great I AM, I took form so that I might elevate the consciousness of men. I bring the energy of higher consciousness, magic and resonance with the feminine principle in a leadership role. Empowerment, leadership, grace under pressure, abundance, are all mine to give. To engage me, one need only look in a mirror and call for me inwardly or outwardly I AM here. I AM the messenger of self-love, acceptance of one’s own power and healing. Be courteous in your exchange and I will do well by you. 5 is my number. My day is Wednesday. My time is high noon. Rest and peace be unto you. Departing now.

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